Prime Mover...

Let's see... My off work job description has increased... from chauffer cum kuli cum escort cum cleaner cum financier... to include prime mover!!

Oh well, this is not the first time I've moved everything from one place to another. Just that today marked the inaugural shifting of the 2,000 ton digital piano!! Well, actually, I really don't know how much it weights, but it sure as h3ll weights a lot!! Feels like carrying two TV on each hand, when i was maneuvering the piano from the 3rd floor of my rented room to the car and from the car to my new place. I think I tore some tendons while lifting it. Even the car suspension felt as though it was about to give way when i drove it there.

Finally, got the danged piano up to the study room, and its back to working condition. Wont be able to use it for a while, up till next week, when i finally shift in.

And oh... the coffee table, bedhead and egg chair are all in... whats left, other than the dining table, is the sofa...which will probably be here in 6 weeks.


Anonymous said...

Aiya jus be glad u dont hafta shift the USS carrier Nimitz class - weighs more den 75 000 tonne apiece.

Phenom said...

Err... 5 mins and I still can't think of a reply... ok, u win..