IT Illiterate...

Was attempting to get the router up for a couple of hours, up till the time I gave up and decided it was time to call the technical service number. I gave them a ring and a guy picks up the phone. I asked him "internet connection not found" and he said "no problem, we will fix it".
So we started the whole series of 'god knows what I'm doing'.

1) First off: Power off the cable modem and shutdown the pc. Restart the pc. Open internet explorer and go to a site. Can access? NO
2) Next click 'start' and 'run'. Type 'cmd'. At C:, type ipconfig and press enter. See anything? Yes. Type ping Anything happens? NO SIGNAL
3) Click 'start'. Type ipconfig/release. Type ipconfig. Type ipconfig/renew. Now ping again. Anything? NO
4) Close everything. Shut down everything. Change the ethernet cable and repeat 1-3. Anything? NO
5) Close everything. Shut down everything. Now see a small hole behind the cable modem? Poke and hold for 10 seconds. After its reset. Repeat 1-3. Anything? NO
6) Call Starhub. Tell them the cable modem is faulty. Then call me back.

After going through that tedious process, I felt a bit like an idiot. I took a look at the modem box, opened it, and found a CD in it labelled "modem installation CD". Dawned on me, that I am a bigger idiot than I realise.

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