A new home...

I'm out of Villa Verde, and finally shifted in to the new house. It's pretty empty now, and it sure does feel wierd staying alone in such a big place. I guess staying with others isn't that bad after all. It gives u a sense of company. And having so much space, it takes time to get used to.

Well, on the brighter side, I can now buy the huge can of milo and store it in the kitchen, rather than drinking 3 in 1s. I can make maggi mee, without worrying about the landlord being unhappy with me dirtying the kitchen (heck I even bought eggs). I have cartoon network on tv most of the time. And I now have a fixed line! (haven't got the time to buy a phone yet though). We even made teppanyaki for dinner.

I guess owning a house isn't all that bad. It's tiring getting everything in place, buying stuff and making sure things are ok. But I guess after all this is done, we will have a nice home to stay in.
This is where I'll be sleeping tonight..


Anonymous said...

Nice place \(^.^)/

Phenom said...

Tank kew..