Where to... where to...

We were just discussing on an offer than an ex-colleague alerted us on over breakfast this morning. It seems like a lot of jobs are available, but there are things that need to be considered. First, salary. Finding a place that matches a 20% increase and permits career development is a must. Secondly, it has to be something that is relevant and that acknowledges your past experience as relevant experience. Thirdly, you have to be happy doing what you're doing. Well, at this stage, there's no telling what kind of employer you would get, so job type and remuneration takes priority.

A colleague mentioned that remuneration in a profit organisation may not be as good as that in a public establishment. But then again, job satisfaction and experience comes into mind and there is no knowing how much an organisation is willing to pay you, unless you apply.

Lets hope for the best... and some good response!! ;)

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