Honesty Revisited

Went out with a couple of colleagues to have tea. When we were about to return, two of the older folks, me and an aunty, decided to ta pao. So I had a tea, while aunty chose a teh halia. When we got back, I accidently had both cups mixed. Aunty, not even smelling the tea before she drank it, drank my tea. Aunty then told me 'its ok'.

Later, while I was typing away on my pc, I saw a very sheepish aunty eyeing my teh halia. So i offered the aunty both the tea and the teh halia. 2 mins later, aunty again sheepishly look paiseh for drinking 2 tea and bluff me she wan to go out buy stuff suen pian buy one teh for me. So I look at aunty so old so poor thing, decide to follow aunty go ta pao.

We go to the lift, and of all people, the head of the company is in it!! Aunty look at the head and said "U know why we are here? He mixed our drinks, I drank both and now we are going down to buy him a drink". My god. Almost died there. Aunty is aunty. So dem aunty. Head of company become dem blur. End up I think he dunno wat to say anymore.

Next time remind me not to give people my swapped teh halia. Dangerous. And hazardous to career.


adriantai said...

hmmm... now is it you listen to auntie's every word, or she listen to yours?!? :)

Phenom said...

neither.. diff branch... phew lucky.. hahahaha