The Hair

Just got back from a haircut. Really wonder why we need to get haircuts. Who was the idiot who invented the haircut? I mean, can we just leave it really long like Cousin Itt?

Everytime I come out of the barber, I would feel like a little kid. I have the hair of a little kid. Its not that I asked to have a little kids hairstyle, but no matter what I tell the lady (apart from saying "Hey I want it bald"), it always ends up looking like a little kid. Wonder if it'd ever change when I get older, not that I'm not old aredy. Perhaps, getting some white hair would make it look a bit more adultish.

I remember once when I was at a barber, and the lady asked me what hairstyle I wanted. I pointed at a guy sitting opposite me, and the lady mistook my pointing for another kid sitting opposite that had a tail coming down the front of the forehead. That really got me pissed. Ended up cutting off the tail.

Well, at least its done and over....till next month.. or if I can stall a bit, the month after. After all, like I always say, what matters most is not the hair you have outside, but the hair u have inside right??

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