We we're just discussing on house warming and how many people were interested to take a look at the house. Then, we diverged to the topic of renovations for the house.

I made a suggestion that we should have the housewarming before the renovations. That way, everyone can imagine themselves sitting on a sofa while they sit on the floor, and we can serve nu-water and a biscuit each. My other half was a little bit more inovative, she suggested that we make everyone help paint the house to save on cost.

We both finally came to an agreement that we'd send invites to guests for the housewarming with a note telling all guests to come in t-shirt and shorts. And that newspaper hats will be provided.


adriantai said...

you forgot plane tickets... :)

Phenom said...

Jetstar got offer.. one ticket only SG50... cheaper than NICE Bus... plus considering that RM currency is strengthening..latest 2.23 against SGD.. so u come down tomorrow ah...I need someone to prune the grass and clean the toilets..

adriantai said...

your place got grass meh?!?

wan ppl to help u clean toilet also be sincere about it and mail the tickets over la... :P

Phenom said...

hahaha... no least not yet..

mail tickets? ok... u wan pudu bus ticket or pudu bus ticket? Only only RM20 for the bus kilang... hahahhaa