Feel so unmotivated and demoralised today. Think it's accumulation of bad feelings and terrible luck over the past few weeks. Didn't really do well for the exam, think it's as good as a fail. Finished the exam, got no rest and had to prepare to speak at a seminar. Finished the seminar, thinking my boss will give me a pat on the back, and all I got was a "U spoke too fast". Went back to work, and started clearing as many things as possible, and help resolve as many problems as I could. Skipped lunch a few times, just to get things done. Presented again at a department meeting, and instead of words of encouragement, I get a "U r wrong" at the end of the presentation. I just don't get it. While other people's bosses push their staff up and give them accolades for the smallest things they do, I do dem hell a lot and get things settled for them, and all I get is sarcasm. The seminar guys said to me, "good job" and the moderator said "u made things interesting". After the meeting, some colleagues told me "good presentation" and "well done", but the one guy I am working for tells me I suck. Reality really bites. It's getting tiring, and after being told that I don't stand a chance to be promoted 10 yrs down the line, I really don't understand how I can still stay in an organisation like this. At least the big boss comes over and tells me he knows I worked hard to get the report done for him and the committee running for him for 2 years in a row. It's not gonna make a difference in my career, they just think I can work and I am good at clearing shit. But when it comes to accolades, people who know how to lick boots always end up performing better. Wonder why people are like this. I want to leave to another branch and they refuse to let me. I want to stay and they make life suck for me. Think I really should consider leaving.  


Anonymous said...

Maybe u should..u shdnt stay at a company that does not allow u to practice what ublearnt

market is good..consider joining other industries..

I am happy now at least with a good boss who appreciates me


Jing..xx said...

Actually I think Asian culture is like that. My parents have never said "well done". They only ask how come I didn't score all "A"s, etc.

After a while, I learn to manage my expectations. If I don't expect ppl, bosses to say "well done", then I don't get disappointed.

There's really not much point in comparing whether other ppl get all the accolates or not. Some days I am happy on the 12th of every month! :)

As for leaving, if you find a better place, pull me over, ok? :D

Phenom said...

TKL... PM me lei...where u working now..wahaha.. nice boss ah... exist de meh? haha

Jing - It's not the 'well done's... it's the continual sarcasm, that even neighbouring bosses start asking me why he is targeting me.. and I have no answer.. pull u over? u leaving first..wahaha