IT Guy Part Deux (Sorry Adrian)

Me: Hello. Tee Hui speaking. MOM.
IT guy: Hi! This is AAA for Helpdesk.
Me: Yes? How can I help?
IT guy: Your computer has been infected by a virus. We need you to run a scan and then send ur pc up for inspection.
Me: That was yesterday. I had a trojan attack, and sent it upstairs. They repaired it and I got it back a while ago.
IT guy: Isit? Ooh.. I'll call u back in 2 minutes. Pls hold. *tooooooooooo*

2 minutes later....

IT guy: Hello, Mr Tong, it's me again.
Me: Hi.
IT guy: I have checked with the engineer. Your computer is repaired but is still infected by a virus.
Me: Huh? U just cleared the virus and I just got the laptop back.
IT guy: Yes sir, but the main system shows that your computer is still infected 10 minutes ago.
Me: Huh? But I just got it back and plugged it in a few seconds ago. And it was just repaired.
IT guy: Ya but 10 minutes ago, there was another virus. And it shows that it was from your pc.
Me: What?
IT guy: And your computer might be the source of other infections yesterday.
Me: Huh? But yesterday, the laptop was at helpdesk, being quarantined for scanning and clearing the virus attack.
IT guy: Ya, but 10 minutes ago there was another virus. And it's company security we are looking at. We don't want you to be responsible. It's company policy.
Me: Wow. Ok you win. So what do you want me to do?
IT guy: Just send it upstairs to the guy you sent it to yesterday. He will know what to do.

2 minutes later, at the repair room...

Me: Here... my laptop... again. What are you going to do with it?
Another IT guy: Run the same scan lor.
Me: #$@&^%^^%$#@.

And there goes 2 working days... Dammit, I need a replacement laptop!!


atai said...

dem users... always giving IT guys problems... can't you behave yourself with the computer?!?

LOL... but honestly, i think the ITguys need people like you -- job security. :)

Phenom said...

wahahaha.. tot u say u now engineer? no longer IT guy? hehehe...

anyway, its the policy that's jiao la... should give me new laptop instead.. hahaha