Fright Night...

We had dinner with my cousin and her bf, along with my sister and her family. Dinner was good, had a good chat, and then we were on our way. Half way driving back, we decided to go over to Bukit Batok to catch the latest Rainie Yang horror movie.
When we reached there, there was this fat Indian lady and her bf in the lift, and I jokingly said, "no way they are watching Rainie Yang". We got off and went to the ticket queue. The fat Indian lady (u aredy know I dun like her from this description) saw me going to the queue and wanted to stomp her way to the front faster than me. There was no way at all that her 5 steps could've beaten my one step, as I was already in the queue, but she somehow thought I would flinch and panic and make way for her gargantuan size, but I just stood my ground. I could sense her cursing away, but please, there is no one else there, wait 1 minute wont kill la, and I came first le.
We got the tickets and decided to smuggle some cookies into the cinema. We bought coke from the cinema stand though, but they dun sell cookies. So I had like these two packs of warm sensation in both my bermuda pockets.
How was the show? There were a couple of instances that were quite scary, like a) smuggling the cookies into the cinema b) noticing that there were more than 1 Indian couple in the cinema! c) seeing the fat Indian lady and her bf sitting in the same row as us! d) wondering if the fat Indian lady would take revenge when the lights were dimmed. Other than that, it was basically a mediocre excuse for a horror flick.
If I was Rainie Yang, I would've declined the script. Too bad I am not.
When the show started, I realised that the name had something to do with my surname! Ah Tong's eyes! Then, having high hopes of the film, I ended up seeing cheap copies of different shows. It starts of with the end of "The Eye" with scenes of riots and traffic jams, proceeded with a cross between "Psycho" (u know, Bates Motel?) and "Six Sense" with three kids that can see ghosts and a scary hotel, "Ju On" with the creature moving backwards, and the greenish ghost lady appearing, "Master Wong vs Master Wong" with the guy spitting out his tongue, "Anubis" with the dog faced human bodied creature, "Ren Rou Cha Shao Bao" with the guy cutting char siu, "Harry Potter" with the paper world, and many many more. Maybe the guy who wrote the script just happened to see many movies the night before he wrote it. The head and tail of the movie just doesn't gel! The guys in front of my seat were actually sleeping. And when the music became loud, they woke up. The end of the show was an anti climax. I was thinking Rainie will give birth to a dog headed creature, but that diden happen. I was hoping that the ghost would appear in the car in the end, but there was a crash sound and nothing else. I was so sure that the guy was cutting up the little girl with the dog, but he was really just cutting char siu.
If you like horror, this is simply not the show u would like to see. The queue at M1 was far far more scary than the movie. Next time, if they make such $#%$@# movies, dun use my surname la. "Detective Dee" and "Resident Evil" was soooo much better, not great but better.


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