You wont believe it. I actually went to see the "Hossan Leong Show" at NLB!!! But have to admit, it wasn't half as bad as I expected. His beginning stand-up was admirable. I was thinking, there is no way I can make it as a comedian. To just spew out joke after joke for even 10 minutes is a chore, much less do it for half an hour???

And there was this part with two surgeons, a Surgeon and a TCM doctor, that was just hilarious. Really good comedy. Not to mention another segment on foreign workers, one China, one Bangladeshi, one Malaysian and one Phillipino. Truthfully, I thought that they should've been less politically correct, being too polite just made things a bit less funny than it should be.

But the remaining parts were kinda lame. If they had kept to the same pace as the first 30 mins, I would've applauded the performance 100%. But the script kinda dwindled from there, and the remaining bits on peranakan food preparation, civil service, mascots and over-emphasis on the flooding just killed the performance.

Not bad if u want to do something different. But I personally wont go for this show a second time.

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