Grass is greener.. milk is whiter... road is smoother... that's what people think whenever they compare their jobs with you. Just had lunch with a couple of guys from NTU Uni Town. And the first thing that friend said was, "MOM got vacancy a not ah?". Almost as instantaneous as I was about to ask, "Uni Town got vacancy a not ah?"

So it seems stagnantion in the government sector is a norm. And the only possibility of career advancement is to move out of the comfort zone and go somewhere else that you're not as comfortable in. "$6k? No problem! When can you start?", the other friend exclaimed when I asked him if the corporate side had vacancies. "My boss will definitely hire u de". Hmm.. sounds fishy. Haha.

On a lighter note, halloween is coming! Happy Halloween! And that's the reason for the skeleton pig pic u see far up right. :P

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