Was attending some seminar today, lasts 2 days, that costs about London 450 Pounds per person. The tea break was ok, cos the fruits look nice. Cut into cylindrical slices. And got some small cakes. But when lunch came, they served us curry chicken with rice and noodles! And some vegetables la. But $450 lei. Pounds somemore. How can just serve chicken?

Then before going back, someone told me bag lai bin got organiser. But my bag and another male colleague bag dun haf (gender bias). When we went out of the conference hall, we met the girl organiser. She told us there are lots of organisers in the hall...can just take. Cos we are doing advertising for them if we use their organisers. And I was trying to be courteous by saying, "Thanks, if i see ur company on site, I will be lenient hor..." Before I finish my sentence... the two colleagues with me stopped me and dragged me away, cos it was politically incorrect for to say that. Hahaha.

Then half way, had to detour, cos I came late and forgot to take the free carpark coupon from them.

Hais...tomorrow another long day at conference. Wonder if my boss will make the same comments again.. "Why r u not in tie and suit? Why jeans and t-shirt?"

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