Absent Minded...

What happens when you forget your company pass?

Call a fren? Wait for someone to come out of the door?

Problem is... to enter the 5th level, u can't go thru the front door. Security will check your pass upon entry.

U can only possibly enter thru the basement carpark which is also guarded by security but is a bit more lax on security. If you manage to pass the security at the basement entrance, you still have a security encoded door to go thru to get to the lift. Assuming that u pass that too, u will take the lift up to the 5th level and be approached by another security encoded door. By passing the second door, u will be able to get into the office.

So, the entire day, I have to encounter all these obstacles just to get to my cubicle, just because I left my pass on the table at home.

First time, I waited 5 mins, before giving up and calling a fren. Having used up the 'call a fren' lifeline, the second time i went downstairs, I borrowed a fren's pass. Third time, I loitered in the basement till someone I knew drove in with a car and followed the person upstairs. Fourth time, I waited for someone to come, passed the first security door, waited 5 mins, then gave up and used the 'call another fren' lifeline. Fifth time, which was close to the end of the day, I waited in the carpark for someone to go home... but no one came out from the basement door for 10 mins! Then I went to another exit and waited another 5 mins... then decided that I was getting tired and going nowhere waiting for someone to exit the door, and used the 'call the same fren again' lifeline.

Why I was at the basement so many times? Come to work, take safety boots and helmet from car for site visit, come back from lunch, put boots and helmet back in car and left bag upstairs before going home.

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