Oww oww....

Graphic content. Do not read if u have weak heart. Or am easily bored.

Have been having stomach problems for the past 3-4 days. Since sat, when I first took the kaya toast (the name of the shop is withheld.. ask me if u wanna know), I have been having vomiting spells and diarrhoea for 2 whole days. End of Sunday, and I finally gave up with natural healing and downed two pills of loperamil. From then on, diarrhoea and vomiting became constipation.

Come Monday morning, I had a presentation, so the only recourse was another 2 pills of loperamil. Good thing was that the cold sweat and my constant wiping of the forehead was not noticed by the audience or my colleague. Went straight home for bed rest after that as two days without food was taking its toll. Come Monday night and I became hungry and made myself a Maggi Mee. Thought I would be attacked by a bout of indigestion, but the empty stomach seemed to accept the Maggi Mee willingly.

Tuesday and I had my first bao. Tuesday afternoon and I even had mixed rice. By 2pm, the effects of mixed rice took place. This time, vomiting spells came back. A colleague mentioned in the morning that it may be a flu virus and I can't help but agree. Skipped dinner and replaced the beef rice I bought with 2 cups of Coke instead. Surprising thing is that I am still moving, am yet to feel dehydrated, and can still conjure up jokes.

To be continued.... (if I can still type after today)

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