Less time to blog...

Been having less and less time nowadays to blog or fb... seems like life is getting busy again.

Guess it's a good thing though, cos I somehow feel that the more u had to go online, the more it meant that u aren't really occupied enough. But still, I do feel that I should share some thoughts with friends sometimes.

At work, I have been spending some time thinking about what I wan to do and what I wanna achieve. And I guess while I have yet to have a solution, I'm putting a lot more effort at work now, so that, when the time comes, I wont be too slouchy to move on.

At home, it feels kinda comforting, that I have moved on from staying in a rented room to my own place. And that I have a place to call home. Life as usual is snoozy, but we're doing much more things now. Still haven dragged myself to apply for the cooking class yet.

And sleep is becoming precious. Talking about sleep... I should take 5 winks now... yawn..

And oh.. Atai...before I forget, the next time I go down to Burger King for a burger... I will enquire for u ya....
Nite nite!


adriantai said...

that explains the absence and lack of updates...

anyway, good to know you're doing fine. ya, i always say... if you have spare time, do something useful. feed the homeless... adopt a pet... find a way to reduce co2... yada-yada... :)

Leona said...

Hey Tee Hui!

Was wondering why I havent seen you online on MSN and Facebook! And the pokes are getting less and less frequent!

Anyways good to know that you are well and making yourself more useful.. grin..grin..

Take care! Catch you online sometime..

Best wishes