Ice Cream Day!!!

Our company never fails to amuse me with the kinda ideas they come up with. We have the occassinal 'why are we here?' sessions and the 'can we go yet?' forums, which we all dread, and then there is ice cream day!
2.15pm and some gan cheong colleague of mine goes around rounding us up to go upstairs, when the ice cream was supposed to be served at 3pm? All of a sudden 20-50 year olds all become 12 year old kids, and u can see the enthusiasm etched on their faces. Ya, I am guilty too. Got ice cream from upstairs, albeit some minor hiccups from some #$$%^#$ people who insisted that it was their session and ours was later, when there were no one queueing.
Later at 3pm, the same gan cheong colleague comes over and asks me if I wanted a round 2. Bosses were serving then, and it seemed like a good opportunity to get served by the boss, considering that its quite scarce to get them to do things for us. Everyone ended up standing at a cubicle and joking about ice cream, dark chocolate flavouring and stuff like that.
On a good note, as I was leaving the office carpark, I saw aunty and her kid. As he waved bye bye, he said "Babai Jonathan Kor Kor!!". This kid is intelligent. If he said "Babai Uncle Jonathan!!" I'd probably have given him a wedgie. Now, I am contemplating on giving him ice cream instead. Wonder if they have any leftovers from upstairs. Wahahaha..

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