I lectured 1000 ppl!

Can't believe I just finished 2 sessions of training! Each had like close to 500 ppl! Was trying my best not to finish too fast, but I ended up doing my 45 minute sessions in 20 and 15 mins.

First round, when my lecture ended, out of the norm, I asked, "Are there any questions?" One guy in the front row said, "Like wat?" Hahaha.
Well, as I walked to the back of the hall, there was one question though, a participant stood up and gave me hand signals, which I surprisingly understood as 'Can we leave?' I did hand signs, and surprisingly, he understood 'Sit down, not yet'.

Second round, and the administrators came over to ask me if it was ok to leave the doors open because someone either had diarrhoea, or stepped on something. I told them that there was vomiting smells at the corridor leading to the lecture hall, and enthusiastically they grabbed their air fresheners, and ran out to eliminate the smell.

Finished the lecture in 15 mins, and the next lecture said "Ah Tong, sibeh kin lei!" and I responded "Not first time also.. heh". Why he called me 'Ah Tong' all of a sudden I really dunno.

On a seperate note, I just found out that my boss' christian name is Roger, that teaching 2 classes in a row is really tiring and that I suck at teaching. There goes my career with MOE.


adriantai said...

hmmm... ah tong... heh heh...

Phenom said...

ya... new name... last time in lta was didi..and tong tong..

wonder why no one calls me hui hui