Sleep / Dreams

We were discussing about dreams, and I remember once during schooldays, that I had this dream that I was preparing for school for the longest time… then just when I was done and ready to go, I wake up…… and have to start preparing for school all over again!!!

Seldom remember the dreams I have, but some that I can remember are pretty warped. Like taking a rollercoaster ride with my sister and a homicidal psycho-maniac and having a gathering with tons of people I don’t know. Haven’t had such dreams for a while.

Can't remember what that’s called, but there’s a disease that u can die of for not having enough sleep rite? Wonder if sleeping disorders have anything to do with old age. I guess age is catching up with me... Waking up in the middle of the night has become a common ritual. I suppose the problem can’t be that I am stressed or depressed…. I’m always happy-go-lucky and problem free… Or maybe there are things that I subconsciously think of, without realizing it.

Perhaps I should make a trip to the pharmacy and start on a Vit B complex regime. Haha.. Hypochondriac…

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