Dragon in 08

Colleague sent me this.. All dragons please note..

Though you will have many opportunities in terms of promotions, bestowed more responsibilities or the expansion of your business this year, there are more challenges ahead compared to the year of the Pig. You will be busier than usual but not necessary fruitful due to severe people problems. There will be more misunderstandings, betrayals, back-stabbings, and disputes this year. Hence, it is important to watch your back. Do not participate in any gossip corners and certainly avoid direct conflicts with others. There is also a high probability of being involved in legal situations. This year you might want to have more personal space. You will also be interested in religion, philosophy, metaphysics and other new age topics. This is a good year for those who are studying or doing research.

The authority figures, management or your boss are likely to give you more opportunities to show of your strengths this year. There are more chances of promotions or being given more responsibilities. If you are in business, you may be considering expanding your business. You will be busy this year. However, severe office politics will prove to be very challenging for you. Avoid direct conflicts with others. This is the time to utilize your diplomatic skills. Do not trust anybody on the career front this year.

Though your wealth luck is good this year, there is a concern of losing it through legal problems. If you are investing this year, you must do your own homework and go through the fine print. Even if it means that you need to take a longer time and greater effort to study into it before making a decision, it will be worth it.

For those who are attached or married, you may want to have more personal space this year. For those who are single, the probability of meeting someone special is rather slim. Hang in there.

You may suffer from lethargy, gastric and stomach problems, weak concentration and a short attention span. You may be more forgetful. Try to have adequate rest and be positive. Most of the health issues that will arise this year are due to people issues and being too stressed out. It may make you feel demoralized and even cause you to doubt yourself. Ensure that you surround yourself with a positive environment and positive people.

People problems are severe. Try to be humble, diplomatic and tactful. Avoid getting into any direct conflicts with others. Back-stabbings, betrayals and misunderstandings are very common this year. While others are trying to irritate you, especially on the career front, it is important to understand that you need to focus on your own goals and do not let others offend or affect your emotions so easily.

Place a Hematite and Aragonite in your office or home.


leona said...

That's it! I am turning into a hermit in 2008!

Phenom said...

Hahaha...ya... and where the heck are we supposed to find hematite or argonite? Kryptonite is from Krypton... so I guess we have to travel to Hemate and Argon to get those..