Dolphin!! No wait, thats a Sail Fish..

Just back from the lucky dolphin excursion. We were supposed to travel by ferry to the middle of the ocean to see if we can catch any dolphins frolicking around. The waters were choppy, and our guide warned us prior to boarding ferry. It was an hour and a half excursion, which meant that we had half an hour to get there, half to watch dolphins and another half to get back.
The guide informed us that they will move fast..then as they approach the dolphins, they will slow down for us to take a closer look at the live tuna.

Half an hour later, we were still on that ferry waiting for them to stop. Then all of a sudden, they stopped. We looked at the waters, hoping to see some form of dolphin come out of it. To our dismay, not even a sandwich surfaced. So, they decided to abandon this place and go somewhere else. This time, the ferrymen decided to speed. No traffic police or erp here, so it was like a roller coaster ferry ride all the way until we reached the second location. This time, there were dolphins. Only problem was that we encountered 'shy' dolphins. How the heck does a dolphin get shy? We have to pay like USD60++ per person to see them. Didn't they rehearse the script before we reached? "When u see humans, pretend to like jumping out of the water and splashing all over the ocean"... What happened to these dolphins? I think I managed to see the fins of 2 dolphins. They look like sardines to me.

Out of nowhere, and exciting everyone on the ferry, something jumped out of the water. Twice! So I went "Dolphin! Dolphin!" and the guide went "No, sail fish, not dolphin". Damn, we paid USD60++ per person to watch dolphins, not some replacement actor sail fish.

Soon after, the ferrymen decided to call it quits. And we had no choice but to agree that we were lucky to see the dolphin, but not so lucky to only see part of their fins.

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