Selfish? Stupid? Or Utterly Insensitive?

Sometimes, I just feel apalled at the stupidity of certain people who choose to show how shallow they are to the public. Read this article in the NST forum after hearing about it from a friend.

"While stress levels and rewards between the public and private sectors remain hotly debatable, use of public funds should be subject to transparent benchmarking against performance. Certainly, I have yet to hear of the private sector paying bonuses in July, December and March."

What is your business in what other people get for their bonuses? I know of some companies that pay insane amounts of bonuses. Had a chat with a friend who works in a lawfirm as an IT support staff. He gets 3 years bonus this year. 3 years!! Here are the civil servants getting 3 months of bonus and you're not happy about it? Go ask around.... many companies are paying much more in bonus than what the civil service is getting. So, are you going to write to the papers to set a benchmark for all private institutions not to pay bonuses higher than 3 months as well? And if you were the one receiving a big bonus, you think you will complain? If you're so smart, go and create a database and strike against all those companies la.

"I do not begrudge deserving civil servants a bonus"...

By posting this article, if people do take u seriously, don't u think that you'd be doing exactly what u said you're not doing? If someone takes u seriously and deserving civil servants gets a marginalised bonus, who is going to compensate them? You? Perhaps you should put in some thought for others and be a little bit less selfish ....

"The private sector best rewards those with value-creation and problem-solving skills, while poor performers face warnings, pay cuts and dismissal"

I know tons of boot lickers in the private sector who get wonderful bonuses... so, is that what you're referring to as value-creation and problem solving?

"Does the public consider staff of, say, the Land Transport Authority and HDB to have earned their bonuses? Do they even deserve a bonus?"

This is perhaps evidence that you have a personal grudge against LTA or HDB. If you have a grudge against them, go deal with it like an adult. Don't condemn two organisations and the entire civil service just because you have personal problems.


Jing..xx said...

Hear! Hear!

Thought of drafting letter back to forum, but since we are small fry, better see how the top reply.

Phenom said...

haha...remember the last letter you wrote to the forum... one second and everyone knows about it..