Friday Nights

It's Friday, and as usual, we'd look at each other and ask the same question over and again.. "Where to have dinner ah?"

So, this Friday we went back to Central Square. Most of the Jap Restaurants had super long queues, so we decided on Ma Maison. I really wonder if they only hire Japanese at that restaurant. Most, if not all, of the waiters and chefs there look Japanese. We wanted to try their escargot, then when it came to ordering, somehow we forgot about the snails and ended up having clam chowder soup instead....heee

(hmmm... this blog is beginning to become like some food blog).

We went out for a stroll along Clarke Quay and they had live bands, bungees and all sorts of theme restaurants not to mention couples sitting all along the riverbank..

This particular one caught our attention. It had a hospital kinda theme and was aptly named "Clinic". Not that we'd go in but seriously the theme is quite "bu ji li". I thought people would avoid it, but it was fully packed! And we saw a couple of people actually trying out the wheelchairs! And oh ya, drinks came in a drip stand with a tube which you could squeeze whatever you ordered out into your cup.. wonder which HIV or Hep B patient used that drip before it was shipped over to the restaurant... haha

Ended the day popping over to McD for a drink. Nothing beats a cup of lemonade when you're beat.

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