A sleepless night..

Labour day was a good rest day. I spent almost the entire day sleeping. In the evening, we went to Ten Mile junction for dinner and I bought a half dozen pack of brands essence of chicken. Upon reaching home, I opened the six-pack, took out a bottle and downed its contents in one gulp. Then came 10pm, 11pm and 12pm. Something seemed awkward. Then came 1am. I finally realise that my eyes were wide open and I wasn't the least bit tired! Problem was, I have a meeting the next morning at 9am... and that meant that I had till 6am to sleep. Not too bad considering that I'd have 5 hours of rest, and I slept the entire day.

At 1.30am, I switched on the TV on channel 8 and there was this wacky Korean show on air. 'The Perfect Match'. Having not watched any Korean Movies after "Jewel in the Palace", I decided to watch part of the movie, at least till I am tired enough to doze off. The movie is one of those Korean romantic comedies. The story is about a girl, Hyo-Jin, who works in a match making company. As you'd probably guess, on comes a wierd customer Hyun-Soo, who enrols for match making. As match after match is made and rejected by Hyun-Soo, a bond is formed between the two.

At 2.00pm, I told myself that I'd sleep by 2.30. At 2.31, my eyes were still wide open, my fingers refused to click on the off button of the remote control, and it was then I decided "ah, what the heck, I'll watch the whole movie". That is when I knew there was no turning back.

The light-hearted comedy proceeded with Hyo-Jin pretending that she was still attached to her ex, whom she had broken off with a year ago. Hyun-Soo on the other hand, was at his 10th match. On the 11th match, Hyun Soo's ex turns up and demands that Hyo-Jin sets them up for a date. The date proceeds but nothing turns out of it. On the 12th match, Hyo-Jin invites Hyun-Soo to a company match making event, at which Hyo-Jin's ex turns up and proclaims that he is single. Hyo-Jin gets heart broken and runs off in tears. Hyun-Soo catches up with Hyo-Jin... and the rest is history...

Well, it was a good movie for me. It's not the typical Korean movie which has a sad prelude to the ending followed by a less then complete happy ending. No one dies or gets physically impaired. Plus I guess we need a break from Jeon-Ji-Hyun.

If you missed the movie, you can catch it here. Just click on the picture:

Yup, if you're surprised, I was too.

The next morning, a colleague asked if I stayed up till 3am to catch UEFA Champions League. You'd probably guessed his expression right when I told him I watched a Korean comedy instead.

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