At the Office...

Hehehhe..hahaha.. hahahhaa... no I'm not mentally unwell.. I was just looking through some Dilbert clips.. Everytime something crops up in the office, one common banter I'd have is that situations are so much like Dilbert. Being insensitive, I'd fail to realise that not everyone has access to Dilbert. So, here's to doing my part for society.

If you've seen the series "The Office" you'd realise that funny things happen in the office...
Part 1 - Whats Your Job? ...

I remember a someone telling me that theres too many things to be done that she can't afford to join a committee. And that since we had no excuse as we have nothing to do, we have to be in it. Hahahhahahaha.... You get the drift.. haha...hahaha.. I also remember my colleague being mistaken a clerk....hehehe....hahahaha...

Just a while ago, I was asking myself 'what the fish' am I doing arranging a meet the clowns session. Had to book a room, cater for food, arrange furniture, call clowns, print papers, arrange files...etc. Half way through, I sat back, and I hired as an engineer? Or did someone mistake me as a clerk as well?..... maybe I really should've cut down on the hair gel during the interview.
Anyway, the fish seems to surface more these days, probably because someone has been playing in the water...
Part 2 - Meetings
I just had one of those routine meetings this morning. There seems to be tons of routine meetings nowadays that we no longer have time for actual work. Sometimes I really do wonder if meetings were controlled by people....or if people need meetings to sustain themselves. To make matters worse, as a new policy, anyone that fails to attend the routine meetings will have to go for counselling. Wow... I am dumbfounded... I thought this only happened in comics..

Good thing though, chairperson failed to mention that those caught sleeping in meetings will be counselled too. I almost dozed off after a couple of presentations we had to sit through.
Part 3 - ET
There also seems to be a bunch of unique beings who fail terribly in their jobs,who know nothing but still look great in front of their bosses. This is a high level skill...not for sentient beings or humans.

Hahaha... no need to explain la... u know who these animals are... u normally spot them higher up the tree...
Part 4 - Incentives and Salary

Hahaha... hmmm... should we moving to another company? Or should we back off to a more competitive level 21?
Ok...time for bed... if you liked these... we will create a triology... or a prequel...

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adriantai said...

to some... meeting is a way to:
- show they have the power to summon others (ego thing)
- waste time talking crap
- avoiding work (i m sure u also experienced so many times when u try to call someone just to find out the fella is having some kind of meeting