Hang out..

It's been a long week and tomorrow is a weekend. We made a good choice to hop over to Spizza @ Balmoral Plaza for dinner. Well, I've always enjoyed the ambience at Spizza. It's a cozy restaurant at one corner with an open space concept at the outside and a firewood setting on the inside. As usual, we got a table for 2, got the menu and ordered 2 Nabucco Zuppes (Cream of Wild Mushrooms soup and bread croutons) and a Quinta (Pizza with Tomato, Mozzarella, Egg and Black Truffle Sauce) which is practically what we always order. Being thrifty is a virtue, so this is as close to "truffle" that we will get for the mean time. Always wondered why "pig food" is an expensive delicacy for humans. We skipped the Traviata tartufo parfait this time though.

Well, 'Supernatural' is on now, so adios!

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