Today is Mother's Day!!

If you haven't wished your mum, brought her out for dinner, got her a gift, or even picked up the phone to give her a call, you'd better do so now.. you have officially 5 hours or less to do so.

While most kids would've gotten their mom a nice gift and brought her out for dinner, mine is miles away and back in my hometown. Woke up this morning, picked up the phone, and gave my mum a call. Though its not much, she sounded really happy on the phone and lamented that I should not tell my sisters to see if they remembered that it is Mother's Day. No doubt that they'd remember, they probably sent cards and gifts to her days ago. But today, I was quicker on the draw, at least with the phone, probably because my sisters are tied up with the kids.

Felt like I should be there to take her out for dinner or something, but being here in Singapore makes it difficult for me to be there. Maybe it's just excuses that I'm making. It's times like this that I wish I could teleport from one country to the other. Sharing Mother's Day with her would be a joy for me.

I saw this on Yahoo!'s logo which depicts what I'd want to say better than any other sentence or word I could think of. Yahoo! would probably sue me for copyright infringement, but I'd take my chances.

Well, for those kids whose moms are in reach, do treat them well, not only today, but any other day of the year. You don't know just how lucky you are.


adriantai said...

dun have to call mum only once a year, you know?

malaysia is only 5hrs bus ride. 2 hrs plane ride (including the 1 hour from airport to pj). probably 2-3 days of walk. :)

Phenom said...