Pimp your vice..

Everyone has their own form of vices. In the Chinese context, vices come in the form of “piu” or flirt, “tou” or gamble, “yum” or alcoholism, “chui” or smoke and “sik” or gluttony. In the context of the 20th century, vices come in a totally different form. Simply put, it can be categorized into “kopi” or coffee, “ka toong peen” or anime, “wan tin lou yau hei” or pc gaming, “fun kow” or sleep and “wai sik” or gluttony. Seems like the only thing that remained unchanged is the vice on food.
Where vices use to take on a more holistic form, like visits to the discotheque or mamak stall, what once was a group activity has disintegrated to an individual form. This evolution is sparked by the creation of mind engaging anime like Naruto and Bleach, which not only infuses the mind with motivation and the will to live on, but also changes the way we speak and talk. Bankai. At night, groups of people would be transfixed to their computer screen in search for the latest release via youtube or bit torrent engines to get the latest episodes of Naruto Shippuuden or Bleach. I myself frequent http://www.naruto-kun.com/ to determine if the latest episodes of the two anime are released by Dattebayo.
“Wan tin lou yau hei” on the other hand, is a less frequent but equally severe vice. As sources for this vice is less easy to obtain (at least for me la), it has hence become a periodic vice. Guys addicted to this vice will feel a sudden urge to lead huge armies of troops to dominate others. The symptoms however differ depending on the software used. Those addicted to “Lord of the Rings – Battle for Middle Earth” would have an urge to lead either hordes of cavalry or hordes of orcs to battle, whereas those addicted to “Warhammer 40,000 – Dark Crusade” would have six different symptoms ranging from Necrotism to Blood Ravenism”. I am currently inflicted with ‘40,000’ symptoms, literally that is.
Drinking used to be a huge problem for youths. Nowadays, drinking is nonetheless a problem, but the type of fluid has evolved from clear golden to brownish black. No I am not referring to Guiness Stout or toilet water. What I meant was coffee. Now coffee itself isn’t a problem, but an overdose of coffee, added with frequent visits to the coffee dispensing outlets is a social problem. If you don’t go and drink coffee, you are anti-social, and hence that becomes a source of social unrest. Refer to my article on coffee i.e. Although a vice, coffee has many beneficial properties like it being a better anti-oxidant than vitamin c and having age defying benefits. I normally add in the latter to make others go ‘lim teh’. Now ‘lim teh’ is another topic, which in itself deserves an entire post, so I won’t discuss it here.
The last 2 vices shouldn’t need any explanation. If you need to be told why people like to sleep and eat, then you must be a real moron.
That’s it folks! The vices of the 20th century. Well, you’ve probably noticed that I’m cutting this short. My boss is around the corner and I should be studying how to influence government policies, not blog about how my Bankai can defeat a Vaizard. Adios!


adriantai said...


yes, no thanks to you for introducing me to Bleach.

but at least i'm learning japanese now. :)

signing of... atai-sama. :D

Phenom said...

what atai-sama? You're Gillian Tai!!