Some music, a book and a nice warm cup of coffee?

Was going out for lunch when a colleague asked if I wanted to pop by Starbucks to get a cup of coffee. Another colleague exclaimed that I have had my 2nd cup of coffee already and that having too much coffee is "serious". Well, having 2-3 cups a day isn't too bad, but raising it to 6-8 cups a day might be a little excessive.

That reminded me of my recent trip to Italy, where coffee was like $3-$5 Euros, translated to about S$6- S$8 for a small cup of miracle juice. Considering the price of coffee and not wanting to pay double for a drink, we resorted to having coke and water instead.

Having had my fair share of coffee over the past few months, cutting out this caffein supply was not a good idea. It seems that my mood swings actually increased, and I was a little gloomy on one of the days on tour. Then came the time when we went to the local convenience store for some tidbits and I got myself a movenpick coffee ice-cream. You would be surprised at the effects of having some coffee ice-cream in your mouth after days of abstaining from it.

That being said, here are some articles that coffee addicts like me would console ourselves with:

Well, for me, I'd stick to cutting down on coffee but 2-3 cups a day wouldn't be too bad, would it?


Jing..xx said...

2-3 cups? Are you sure 2-3 cups? More like 7-8 cups a day leh... Normal people require 8 glasses of water a day, but you need 8 cups of coffee per day...

Phenom said...

wow, from DOORAS to leaving home early, where did you find the time to post this message!?!!