When I can, I will...

I was just reciting a verse from Smashing Pumpkin's 'Today'. I was just scrolling through youtube when I saw THE clip. Just realised that I've never really seen their MTVs although they were our favourite alternative band in years ago.

Its been years since I've heard them. Last was 'Bullet with Butterfly Wings' in 1995 which was released as a single. As usual, they're not for the weak hearted. Their lyrics were incomprehensibly incomprehensible. The music was catchy and uniquely alternative. And no one seemed to fit the alternative genre so comfortably as the Smashing Pumpkins did.

I remember spending nights listening to their songs, songs like disarm, today, hummer, rocket, mayonaise and much much more. Lyrics like "When I can, I will... Try to understand...That when I can, I will" just hits the spot at what we believed in then...
Just to share, these are a few MTVs for Rocket, Today and Disarm that I've found on youtube.

Couldn't find the mtv for Mayonaise though. Here's the live version... purely spectacular!

It's good that there are small things that we can remember and reminisce when times get a little difficult. I'm sure everyone has that special place in their hearts for simple yet meaningful things in their lives. If you can't find it, just trudge a little deeper... inspiration will always find you..

Here are the lyrics for mayonaise... for SP fans..

Fool enough to almost be it
Cool enough to not quite see it
Pick your pockets full of sorrow
And run away with me tomorrow

We'll try and ease the pain
But somehow we'll feel the same
Well, no one knows
Where our secrets go

I send a heart to all my dearies
When your life is so, so dreary
I'm rumored to the straight and narrow
While the harlots of my perils

And I fail
But when I can, I will
Try to understand
That when I can, I will

Mother weep the years I'm missing
All our time can't be given
Shut the mouth and strike the demons
Cursed you and your reasons
Out of hand and out of season
Out of love and out of feeling
So bad

When I can, I will
Words defy the plan
When I can, I will

Fool enough to almost be it
And cool enough to not quite see it
And old enough to always feel this
Always old, I'll always feel this

No more promise no more sorrow
No longer will I follow
Can anybody hear me
I just want to be me

When I can, I will
Try to understand
That when I can, I will

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