Dun u feel like Mr Bean sometimes?

Was driving to work in the morning, when we encountered some kind of a deja vu... I remember watching an episode of Mr Bean the previous night of him going down a staircase and being blocked by an old lady.

After struggling for a moment, he decides to overtake the lady by climbing along the ledge of the stairs. He then gets to the past the lady and guess what...

This happens!!

Same thing happened this morning.. I was driving along the road and was blocked by a car travelling at 40kmh at the fast lane of a 60kmh road. It was a senior citizen, judging from the white hair. Driving behind him and getting a little frustrated, I overtook him, only to be blocked by another car travelling at the same speed. Now I overtook the second car, caught a glimpse of another guy with white hair.. only to be blocked by a third car. Lucky for me, this car went from 40kmh to 50kmh... giving me some space to overtake and pass all three of them. Phew.

I mean, the government did announce that the population is getting older, but this is plain ridiculous!

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