Old cartoons...

Dig the castle... even had a name.. Greyskull

While my cousin in Australia was watching Megatron pummel Optimus, I was in KL watching Lion-O pillow right with Mumra

And of course there was Transformers... where Megatron twisted his body, kicked Optimus and turned into a Gun held by Starscream... if I got the sequence correct.. and the Movie.. Till now I still dun get the story, about Unicron eating planets and Optimus dying??...I think..

And M.A.S.K (Rhino!!! My Bulldog is still in the cupboard!)

and Starcom (magnets and motorised push buttons) Psst! They still sell them, but each one costs a bomb now..

And of course, the most sinister of all villans...

Muahahahahhaa... this time I will get them Azrael...muahhahahaa 

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