Master Shifu went to get a new pair of reading glasses with Po, Stork and Tigress. When they reached the Pearl Temple, they were greeted by the cunning linguist Lord Shen. Beneath his feathers, Lord Shen brought out many pairs of hidden glasses.

Po used his dumpling catching skills to fend off thick groups of Shen's lensing minions. Tigress focused on the frame of things and used her leaping tiger hidden dragon skill to pick out the width of Shen's base.
Just as the fight got heavy, Stork used its baby transporting skills and threw 300 ingots at Lord Shen, who cunningly looked at the wall. Stork threw 350 ingots this time, and Lord Shen started to waiver.

Finally, combining might and wit, Lord Shen finally succumbed to the temptation and accepted 400 ingots.

After a hard fought battle, Master Shifu finally got his reading glasses.


And oh, it was raining, and Mantis was so nice, he brought 4 umbrellas out for everyone. 

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