It was a Friday... and I got this call saying that there was a trip coming.. but then it was cancelled... but I decided, oh well, maybe Sarutobi wont be able to go... but what the heck... I am Kazekage, I should bring Kiba down to the Hidden Rain. So Monday came, and I saw Kiba. He told me Hinata and Neji would also be joining in. So, I called forth my 'Sabaku Kyu', and transported them to the Hidden Rain. There, we met Kisame, Itachi, and even Tobi. But after a long fought battle, (till 6pm!!), Akatsuki gave up and we imposed our 'Shukaku no Tate' on them. Once we reached back to the Hidden Leaf, Kakashi and Jiraiya had gone home. Only Sarutobi was left. Sarutobi mentioned that we did a good job, with good credits to Kiba. 
All in all it was an ok day. We were tired and Akatsuki was probably pissed. But at least we went to the Hidden Sand and fought good, instead of being trapped in the Hidden Leaf.    

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