Just realised that I have so many things I want changed...

If I could... I wish I could be..
... less playful... and a lot more serious
... more patient... and learn to have peace of mind 
... more disciplined & spend more time improving myself
... less irritating... and be more matured
... more punctual... and be on time
... less emotional... and be less needy
... more quiet... and learn to have control 

Feel so inadequately imperfect sometimes....


Rachel said...

Stumbled upon your blog by hitting the "next blog" button a few times.

I know it may seem weird coming from a stranger, but never give up your playfullness, especially to be something as horrid as being "more serious." This world has plenty in it to be serious, sad, and angry about and tons of people to do that already. What this world needs is more free spirited goofballs.

Sometimes I wish I still had my youthful, carefree view on life, and I miss it.

And I'm not that old.

Phenom said...

Thanks! Though most of the time when ppl stumble onto blogs, they dun return to read replys to comments. But kinda hard to not agree that it feels good to be playful. Just that maybe sometimes, being playful means that people start to not take you seriously, and some even start to think that you are not joking, but am the joke. Haha, guess I am a bit cynical too, but it's just a passing feeling I guess. :)