It's a Thursday morning, and I just woke up with a huge migrane. Contemplating if I should go on mc or not, but oh well, if I'm ok enough by 730am, I'll just go to work. Well, it's not really work today, we have some monthly team building session again. Sometimes feel it's an overkill. Too many team building sessions really ironically make everyone have less team spirit. But really don't have the mood for such an event today.

Past few days have been well occupied. Finished quite a number of inspections here and there, and started on my write ups and slides. Everyone seems to be busy with something, and the cubicles are mostly empty. So, having work to do, isn't really that bad. It's feels much better than staying in the office, waiting for break or lunch time. Should schedule all the statement takings next week, to make sure my time is well covered.

Surprisingly, I hardly touched my Starcraft II. Normally, I would haven finished the campaign by now, but I just did like 3-4 missions then stopped. Perhaps I'm too busy with other things, but what other things? I don't really know. Haven't really started studying. My buddies are all rooting for me, but I'm not doing a good job picking up the books. Think I am really gonna fail my PE exam.. haha hope not.

Airbender is out, but rated 1.5 stars only?!!? Seen Sorceror's Apprentice and yes, Ong Bak 3 too. Haha. Dun ask me why I saw that. But one thing I really need to do is refurbish my pinyin book. Its in loose pages now, and needs some serious updating. Perhaps I should take singing or guitar lessons too. Hmm.. hahaha exam also never study wanna go take lessons... faint..


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