What to study..

Met some buddies for margarita, when one of them mentioned that he wanted to go for CFA. It seems like everyone has an interest to further their studies.

Almost wanted to get my Professional Engineer (PE) certification some years back. It was more of trying to beat the clock to register as a PE before they started including exams as part of certification process, than really wanting to get a PE cert. To me, getting a PE = more responsibility + pay membership fees.

Was talking to a friend and head of another branch. The sentiment is that u have to have the blessings from your deputy director and director before you would even be considered for a scholarship to do a Masters or a PhD. Added with the trend of people who are at Grade 10 and above (pseudo management level) getting it most of the time, I guess chances of getting a scholarship is nothing short of impossible.

I guess the only way is self funding. Was thinking of perhaps approaching some profs to see if any one of them have interesting projects of which I could do a PhD on. Alternatively, if I was daring enough, going overseas to do a PhD doesn't sound half bad. But then again, thats just me thinking out loud and nothing is in the pipeline as of yet.

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