Simple study..

After some gruelling hours of DIYing the bookcase, table and shelf, the study is almost complete. Just need a few more touch ups and we're done with this room.

Fixing the table and the bookcase was a singe. But installing the shelve onto the wall, well that really sucked. Half way through drilling, realised that I might have hit a rebar inside the wall, cos the drill bit was wearing off, and there was burnt steel smell, but the hole wasn't getting any deeper.

There wont be a next time though, cos I'm definitely paying Ikea the 6% for installation.


Anonymous said...

You seems to like white. Most of your furniture is white. Although white is a really nice color, but it is very easy to get dirty over time \(^.^)/

Phenom said...

Ya have to clean very often... that's why I look so tired..have to be maid.. wahahhaa