Farewell for a buddy

A buddy of ours left our ex-company. He's one of the last remaining survivors from our batch who's still in the company. His last day was on 8.8.08. After 8 years of service. Even starting work on the 8th of September. It's like an omen. Like he was predestined to leave. But never pictured him leaving.
Remember this conversation, when he told me that he was contented. Contented to stay in that environment. Difficult, but perhaps less hurtful than the hatred for change. Came as a surprise to me. That he'd leave. But I guess there are reasons.
Didn't let anyone know though, not until the last day. Somehow, I think that I'd do that too, if I was him.
Seems like not much has changed. We still talk about the same people and the same things. The "Japanese occupation" in our company is still the most heated topic of interest. People, without fail, remember the Hitler wannabe. Everyone has changed, but still remains the same. Half way through, our buddy's boy gets centerstage and everyone shifts the focus to him.
Already have 3 buddies who moved to Australia. Make that 4. Wonder if I should move overseas as well.. haha.

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