Weekends are getting pretty busy for me. Having a house is really not all that glitter and gold. There is the cleaning, the buying, the cooking.

Seems like dust and loose hair never fail to replenish itself. Have to vacuum and sweep the floors every weekend, and sometimes off weekends just to keep the place clean. Coupled with washing, drying and ironing, I guess most of the extra time I have is covered.

Last week we had oyster porridge. This week, tried my luck with mushroom chicken rice (its much safer). Did the exact same things I used to... only difference this time was that I had the luxury of a kitchen, some extra dark sweet sauce and japanese rice instead of chinese rice.

Didn't turn out too well though. And in a nicer way to put it, "It's healthy!!" (meaning no taste la)...hee


Patricia Chiang said...

hwy wats that substance?? dun tell me its the mushroom chicken rice?? oh geez, i didnt know food can look like this.. wahaha~~

Phenom said...

No, it's the ice cream.. wahahaha