Be a little more considerate...

Recent bouts of terrorist sightings have caused most of us to ponder, whether its the people who let him off that are at fault, or the motorists that are at fault. Nowadays, u see road blocks all over the place. For car owners, its not too bad, as we can manouver our way past the torrid traffic. But I really do feel for the lorry and truck drivers, who have to queue like hours before they can cross the border.
It's not like traffic is moving or anything, its more like a standstill where tons of heavy vehicles queue on the slow lane. One time, it was so bad, the queue went almost all the way to the junction of woodlands road and upper bukit timah road.
Seriously, stepping up on security to nab a terrorist is critical, but while you're doing that, think of how it will affect others and how u could do something about it. Go set up additional booths at the checkpoint. Get more lanes ready at the immigration. Get more staff to help out. Don't get guys standing around all along woodlands road and stopping heavy vehicles for nothing.

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