Went to this new small pastry shop at Jalan Jurong Kechil. Was going to have Malay food, but as we got there, the only shop open was the pastry shop. The pastry they had looked pretty good, and the place is quite cozy, but the temper of the lady at the counter was really amazing. We picked our pastry and I bought it to the counter.

As I walked over, the lady looked at me and said "Wait! Cup broke!", pointing at another counter staff wrapping a broken glass. I waited a while and she asked, "What u wan!", and I placed my order for some drinks to go with the pastry. She looked at me and said, "Got drink, but no glass!". And I couldn't help hiding a smirk. Then as I walked back to the table, she said "Eh, pay first!". Sounds pretty normal for a counter staff, right?

I went back to the table, and a lady with her two dogs who sat beside me looked over and asked, "did u order coffee with milk?" I smiled and replied "no". She looked back at me and said "I ordered without milk le, I was hoping this was yours". You could see the fear in her eyes to confront the lady at the counter. The counter lady came over again with more food for the lady, and staying 3 feet away from the lady's table she said "Eh, help me! Take the food! I'm allergic to animals!". The lady sheepishly stood up and took the tray. As she sat back down, the counter lady made a gesture hand to another staff, bending her second finger while pointing at the lady (I suppose it either means 'you're dead' or 'my second finger needs exercise').

Another guy was stocking up the place with goods. As he trollied stuff to the back, he touches a couple of chairs. She walks out, arranges the chairs, and shouts "You so thin, still can hit things ah!".

Oh well, I guess its the last time we're going there. It really wasn't that much of a big deal, and I really wasn't affected much. It just amazes me that there are such people with such a temper. Does a lot of damage to the reputation of the service industry here. Hope its just that she's having a bad day today, otherwise it'd really hurt their business. Heh...

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