Is there a terrorist in my neighbourhood??

Was on my way home, when I noticed that the road turning in to my rented place (Stagmont Ring Road) was blocked off by policemen. If you've followed the news, this is probably one of those operations to track down the terrorist who escaped from a detention center. I mean, its bad enough that we get traffic jams from tons of police cars parked along Bukit Timah Road in the morning on the way to work. They could be a little more considerate and park at the side roads, rather than clog up Bukit Timah Road by occupying one lane. At night, when you're tired and want a good nights rest, they block off the entrance to your home. Had to make a big round past the other side of Choa Chu Kang Link through Sungei Kadut Drive leading to Choa Chu Kang North 6 and then 5 just to get back to the other side of the road block. Doesn't really make sense closing one side of the road when he can escape by the other side that doesn't have a road block rite? Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely a supporter of national security and I do hope they get that terrorist soon, but they could at least be a little more considerate.
And oh ya.. I'm checking my car for unwanted sleeping objects, just in case a tired terrorist decides to sleep in my car.

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