End of the week...

Yaay.. its a Friday! Can't really remember when's the last time we went for karaoke. Last time should be August last yr?! If you guessed that we went to Brewerks, you got it right! Ding Ding! And if u guessed that I siam all the alcohol...... you got it right again! Hehehehe!
Once they were happy with their fill of Golden Ale and Indian Pale Ale, we made our way to have ramen at Central. The stupid Japanese restaurants in Central are always packed full and always have a long queue. Ended up having kfc at People's Park Complex instead.

Shawtie had a K-ster card, so we went to K-ster instead of Kbox. They had this 4 hour package thing, and I guess no one was ready to reenact the 7 hour marathon we had. As usual, Jay sang lots of Jay Chou songs... Shawtie, aka Andy, sang different versions of "wang ching suey" multiple times. Wonder what fixation he has over that song. I couldn't sing much, cos I left my pinyin bible at home. Finished most of the songs we could think of singing. Ended at like 1am?? I guess everyone was dead tired.

By the time I got home, it was already 2+... and I had to fend off Mojo's barking. Took me like 56 seconds to open the gate, run in, open the main door, take one hand and pat his head.. to off the barking alarm.

Phew! Count my blessings that tomorrow is a weekend.

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