How to choose an interior decorator..

Went to IMM today to find an ID. Wondering how we were going to choose one... until we got in a couple of stores...

ID1: Confident guy.. started off giving us an alternative to what we had in mind.. ended up showing us 3D sketches of his designs.. and telling us that 20% deposit will be placed once we engage him... and if not, can still pay for his design services. Asked us to go back and meet him and set an appointment on the spot. Quotation in 2 days... in person only.
ID2: Young girl... favourite quote, "I don't understand what you're saying. What do you mean?". Half of the time with a blurred expression which probably meant that she wasn't really experienced. Promised to send us a quote via email in 2 days.
ID3: Experienced aunty. Knew what we were talking about. And told us she had quite a number of jobs in hand. Quote by e-mail in 2 weeks... yes 14 days!
ID4: Experienced girl. Can tell us what the height of the unit is, what can be done with the unit and that she has customers in the same condo. Gave us an alternative to go direct to a website and purchase something, when she could have easily gotten a cut out of it. Quotation in 1 day! Yes 24 hrs!!

So it was pretty much a hands-down competition. That is, unless the quotes come back and someone prices ridicilously low or high.


Anonymous said...

Don't choose Unimax ID \(^.^)/

Phenom said...

Noted. Thanks. None of the above are Unimax..