Swollen lips..

Was having a fever during the weekend. Then last night, when I woke up, I realised that the left side of my lip was swollen. No, I'm not putting a pic of myself here, but the picture of Tony Leung in The Eagle Shooting Heroes gives u the idea of what swollen lips look like. Went to the doctor and got some antihistamine. Probably something related to an allergy.
No worries though, its not that obvious and swollen lips never stopped a person from going to work. You just have to be ok with looking like you're biting a hotdog the entire day.


Anonymous said...

haha...did u ee a sausage walking around in fron tof u???????...TKL

adriantai said...

see... this is what happens why u suck up to boss's a55 too much... :)

Phenom said...

tkl, u go buy a hotdog, throw away the bun, bite it..and walk around for 30 seconds... then u know how it feels like lor..hahahaha

atkl, if i actually did that, it wont look like a hotdog... it'll probably look like a big mac or something..