I'm getting old..

Had a trip briefing to the delegates heading to UK on Friday. I was requested to brief the group on the itenary...on who we were meeting and the purpose of our meetings. Half way through the briefing, a real estate developer raised his voice and made a comment, "Why aren't there any developers in the itenary? We are here because we are told there will be developers we are visiting. Why don't have?" His hostility caught me by surprise. Years back I'd probably have a shield and armour ready in defence. I guess I really am getting a little older and lethargy is creeping up. So much so that I no longer even want to defend. The best retort that came out of my mouth was "Can u then recommend an organisation we can visit? I can't think of any". He continued his motor mouth, thinking that he was on a roll. The chairperson was reluctant to speak looking at the hostility shown, but spoke up anyway. "With all due fairness, the programme was circulated a long while ago. And no comments were received." Last minute and he wants a miracle? Ask him to arrange lor. Sigh. I am getting old.

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Anonymous said...

Miracles do happen. We got 2 developers at the very last minute. You should know who I am :)