It's travel time again!!

It's like a celebration. Each year, tons of people wake up early, drive to the EXPO, grab a bite, get into the queue...just to get the latest bargains for travelling. Yep, we went to NATAS 08 on a Saturday morning. Only this time, we went a little late. No point joining the crowd, the booths won't move anywhere anyway. So we got down at about 10am, had a nice breakfast, then walked over to the fair. The queue was still pretty long, but we got in quite soon after we started queueing. One thing we noticed was that we really didn't bother to find out where each booth was or which credit card had the best deals. Went over to Dynasty for an enquiry and then CTC to finally book the tour we were looking for. As for lucky draws, we were hoping that lady luck would bring us that PS3. We ended up with something of equal value.. 2 water tumblers and a $5 voucher. (Don't even think of it...I'm not exchanging a PS3 with another set of those). We'll at least we had better luck at the Popular Bookfair.

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