T-Shirt Saga 2: Wetwibution

Some time back, I got a pink shirt for a friend's birthday. As a sign of appreciation, he wore it to work and on some other occassions.

Months later, its retribution. This time, another friend gave me a pink polo T. Err. I am a black, blue and white kinda guy. But seeing that he took the trouble to get it, I decided to wear it for a day.
Got to the office and it seemed that no one noticed... or at least they were pretending they didn't. Then walked to my cubicle and the first comment I had from a friend was "You look metrosexual.... no thats good... you look gay". You'd think that a pink polo T is really nothing, everyone (minus me) wears it once in a while rite? But nooooooo... it seems that I'm not the only one that doesn't think pink should be worn by guys. Oh well, if I drew such a huge reaction wearing a white shirt, how much less can I expect wearing a pink polo T?

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