T-Shirt Saga 1: The Wempire Stwikes Bwite

Got up in the morning and prepared for work. After a nice bath, I went to my wardrobe and realised that I forgot to have my laundry done this week! Rummaging through the shirts I have, the only one presentable was a white shirt I bought at Expo for $9.90. So thats what I wore to work.
As I got in the office, my friends were as usual staring at their pcs. I told them it was time for breakfast and two of my friends looked shocked when they saw me. One went "Why did you wear so nice?" and another said "You going for ROM or proposal isit?" You'd think that they have never seen anyone wearing a white shirt to the office. I explained that I got no more clothes to wear, then went off to the other side of the office to look for someone else. When I got there, another friend exclaimed "You look very clean" and "You're already so fair, still wear white". Perhaps the most flattering comment that day was "You look good in white".
I got in the lift to go for some tea, then saw another friend who was heading down. He said "Aiyo, why you wear so Ah Pek". Hahahaha... somehow, his answer seemed refreshing as it was a opposing opinion.

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